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~Colossians 1:10-11

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Real Food Face Off

It's my turn on Kitchen Stewardship's Real Food Face Off . You can check it out HERE. And below are all the questions I answered and my answers to them! If you would like to go back and read some other face-off posts you can find them HERE!

How do you describe the way you eat when someone asks you to define your food? (In a paragraph or less. This would be a great place to link to your story if you’ve blogged it.)
In one word I would typically say "healthy", I am really beginning to like the term "real food". I try to think in natural, organic when possible, fewest additives possible, make it myself if I can type of foods.

What was/is your major incentive for living a real food lifestyle? (How did you come to eat the way you do?)
I guess I have always tried to eat healthy and the best way possible. I believe we have a responsibility to eat well, and treat our bodies well and take the best care we can of the body and life we have been given. This has fleshed it's way out in a variety of forms over the years. I was a vegetarian, often vegan for a good 10 years. This has changed over the last year or so as I was introduced to and read Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and Real Food by Nina Plack. It has changed my perspective on foods and I have been making changes slowly but surely.
Also, with 3 young children and one on the way, I feel a lot more “responsible” about what we are eating and teaching them to enjoy. And feeding them foods that are good for them, keep them healthy and growing well.

If you only had energy for ONE make-from-scratch food, what would it be?
Cooked beans. Though I do have canned in my pantry to fall back on, it is SO much cheaper and SO much healthier to cook your own and it really doesn't take that much more time, just planning ahead! :-)
Is your preference for taste or health?
I think most make-from-scratch foods I would say heath.

What was the hardest transition to make to real food?
Coming from a long vegetarian past, adding meat and cooking and dealing with meat has been the hardest for me :-)

What’s something you remain afraid to try?
I have yet to make beef broth......... though I make chicken on a regular basis and did turkey this past holiday season! (And I am not really "afraid" of it........ as much as figuring out where to go find and buy good beef bones to use and then actually doing it.

What’s next on your list of changes to make?
I really want to make the jump to only buying "good" meats, all the time not just sometimes. Organic if I can, local farmer with "good raising meat standards" for the rest.
And I really want to get a lot more organized in my meal and grocery planning. I think this is key in eating well because if you know where you are heading it makes getting there a lot easier and the more organized you can be and less time you spend digging through your freezer you could be spending actually making the food.

List your top 3 baby steps to move from a Standard American Diet to Real Food.
Switch to full-fat dairy products & butter.
Cut out or severely reduce white sugar usage.
Start reading labels and understanding them. See what is in your cupboards and you are buying regularly. Start being AWARE of what you are eating.

What is the worst food (or “food”) a person could possibly put into their systems?
Sugar substitutes! (in my humble opinion!) (obviously NOT speaking of honey, agave and other natural substitutes!)

What does “eating healthy” mean to you?
Using the knowledge and understanding you have to eat well and take care of the body and life you have been given.

Name the top food scoring highest on both the nutritional and budget scale? (i.e., best health benefits for the lowest cost)
I think I would say beans. That’s somewhat off the top of my head, but I would be surprised if after research and looking at different options if it wasn’t close to the top of the list.

Biggest drawback of real food lifestyle?
Having to use coupons and watch sales totally differently. Not necessarily a bad thing, but just different. That sale on boxed cereal just doesn’t interest me as much as the avocados on sale elsewhere. And many times I choose what is not on sale (ever) over some great sale because if I am going to spend the money, I want it on good food not cheap food.

How important is organic food?
I think it is important, do what you can in organic but don’t stress about what you cannot do. A salad made from un-organic ingredients is still healthier then a bag of potato chips. And store brand yogurt is still better then a pop-tart!

What do you refuse to buy at a grocery store that you do eat from its source?
Not really a grocery store, but I still won’t eat much meat out that I would eat at home when I know what “brand”, etc it is.

When eating out, how do make your menu decision (fav “out” food, anything you avoid)?
I avoid a lot. Usually though if I am eating out, I pick what sounds good and just enjoy it without worrying too much - I don’t get to really eat out much!

Best book recommendations?
I would have to say at this point Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and Real Food/Real Food for Mother and Baby by Nina Plack have made the biggest impact on my thoughts and habits. I would totally recommend either and both to anyone interested in understanding foods better.

Number one tip you tell your blog readers about eating healthy foods:
Do what you can. Don’t do nothing cause you cannot do it all. Make changes as you can and don’t get too stagnant. If you are ready for more, add one more thing. Don’t overwhelm yourself. But keep growing and learning.

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  1. Hi Jen,
    I linked over to this blog from your Google profile from Emily's blog and the comment you made over there. I didn't know you had this healthy eating blog. Sounds like you're headed in a good eating direction...so you are no longer vegetarian?? Wow! I am interested to read those two books you recommended. We've been eating more and more very natural and simple foods here and trying to get mostly organic.