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~Colossians 1:10-11

Monday, May 10, 2010


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Doesn't this sound like a wonderful book?
It is.

I already got to read it. Lucky me!

I actually got to read a copy before it was published and give some feedback. It was a wonderful read. Easy, but full of great information.
I really enjoyed her chapter on couponing, it was a great balance between being frugal and making the most of the coupons available while at the same time remembering that it isn't a good deal if it's just junk you don't want to feed your family anyway and a nice way to find balance in couponing and buying "real food"!
I found as well, even as a pretty new gal to the whole real food idea, that there were things I could say "hey, I'm doing that! Must be doing something right", as well as "oh, what a great idea, I can do this" - like her baking day ideas. Plus there were some things in there that I said, "Oh, I can't do this yet" BUT it gave me some things to think over and start mulling over in my brain on how I could do that someday and give me some things to grow into. (Like gardening- I don't garden at all right now, probably can't this year due to housing situation and a move and a baby in July! But next year...... )
So, I would highly recommend this book for anyone, in any stage of their "real food journey" - I think you will be able to take something valuable away and glean some wonderful insights from some others who are further along.
The only downside for me was the fact that it's a e-book. And the only way I have to read it is in the office on my computer, unless I wanted to have the 250 pages printed. Which, honestly, I might do at some point. It would be worth it to me, just might get a little expensive. But not terrible, I think it would cost less then $10 to take and have printed at my local printing store.
I am more of a reader learner anyway- I don't do great with videos or audio - let me read it! But, it's hard to read with 3 little ones and you can't carry the book to where they are playing. I ended up reading it during naps and enjoying the peace and quiet. But, it's worth it. It was a little more work for me, but I really enjoyed the book.
Stephanie did a great job at putting her thoughts and ideas into a very easy to read format and while not getting too "wordy" explained things well. There is also a wonderful resource of other books, websites and resources to pursue finding options for you locally and on your own.

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